Late Afternoon at Fenwick Island  9 X 12"

Late Afternoon at Fenwick Island 9 X 12"

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Once again, Fenwick Island displays its beauty with its palisade of pines; this time it is in a late Fall afternoon, with variable colors and hues as the sun begins to set in the west. Looking away from the setting sun, shadows distort the colors of the grass and water, and partially silhouette the trees. This Alice Ravenel Huger Smith style acrylic painting is small but colorful. A. R. H. Smith was a Charleston Renaissance watercolor artist of the early 20th century who brought to life many typical lowcountry scenes of antebellum, post war and depression era times here. Beauty and wildlife were abundant but the economy was shot and poverty was common among all levels of society.

This is a 9 X 12" acrylic over a stretched canvas frame and weighs  9 oz.