Islands behind Folly  16 X 20"

Islands behind Folly 16 X 20"

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Hopefully, if one plans to venture up the Folly River from the Folly Public Landing to reach Lighthouse Inlet, and one has no experienced guide available, I recommend an accurate depth finder and GPS chart device to come through safely.  These islands are beautiful and raw.  They are rarely visited since land access is non-existent and water access difficult. Hopefully developers never get their  hands on these islands.

Pease Island, just off the Folly Road and across from Bowen's Island, was sold recently and developed.   Folly River separates the rest of these islands from Folly Road making development difficult. 

In this scene, Lighthouse inlet is behind the viewer and Folly Road is not visible on the horizon in the background. Live oysters, Oyster Catchers and Skimmers are plentiful back here. Palmettos, Live Oaks and pines make their home on these Islands.

This 16 X 20" acrylic and oil weighs 1 pound and 8 oz