Frampton's Inlet looking out      30X40"

Frampton's Inlet looking out 30X40"

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Edisto Island has seen a large increase in residents over the last 3-4 decades but much of its character remains somewhat untouched.

Known world-wide in the 19th century for its famous "Sea Island Long Staple Cotton", now, in the 20th century, its most publicly notable commodity  is Edisto Beach.

During the 1970's, I was shocked to find a wide array of distant states' auto license plates, especially from Ohio, parked at Edisto Beach houses. How in the world did these tourists find such a remote location? Today, it is becoming a sanctuary for Charlestonians fleeing the madness of the present day city and its aggressive tourists.

Frampton's Inlet enters the island off the ocean between Botany Island and Edisto Beach, just south of Townsend's Inlet and Pockoy Island. The Inlet is constantly being remodelled by nature making entry into the river, at times, dangerous, especially at lowtide .

By land, Frampton's Inlet is approached by the Old Botany Bay road which is straight and lined by ancient live oaks, making a tunnel-like arch over the road. From landside, access  to the water is private. This scene is taken from the mainland side of the creek with a boat shed and dock at the river, looking out to the ocean over a sea of marsh grass. The season is winter and the sky was overcast and grey with a hope of clearing seen on the horizon. Various patches of colored indigenous grasses and rocky sand soil are revealed; an unpaved less frequently travelled roadway heads out to the dock. Today, this remote lot boasts a  fine new  residence that replaced the old white clapboard house that sat just off the ground.

The creek and inlet are well known to adventurous fishermen for its bass surf fishing in the fall and winter trout fishing as the weather turns cold.

This rather Large painting is predominantly oil with touches of acrylic over 30 X 40' stretched canvas frame. It weighs about 6 pounds.