Foggy Dawn at Fenwick  9 X 12"

Foggy Dawn at Fenwick 9 X 12"

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Some scenes remind the observer of Alice Ravenel Huger Smith watercolors of the lowcountry.  A. R. H. Smith was a watercolorist during the Charleston Renaissance that brought a recurrence of artistic talent back to Charleston in the teens and twenties of the early 20th century.  Elizabeth O'Neil Verner, Alfred Hutty, and Anna Heyward Taylor brought light to the artistic culture that had almost disappeared here after the war. Few Charlestonians were lucky enough to secure these original art pieces back in the day, but prints were made and therefore shared with many others.

 This scene , once again is on Fenwick and shows how pines, fog, and bright morning yellow sun can come together to form colorful ill-defined landscapes. The fog, at times, is so low and dense, that the pines appear to lose their trunks and "float" on the haze.

This small acrylic is 9 X 12" and weighs 8 oz