Fenwick Island Pines at Mosquito Creek  8 X 10"

Fenwick Island Pines at Mosquito Creek 8 X 10"

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As previously described on this on-line gallery site, Fenwick Island's appeal is its apparent palisading of pines that can be viewed in different directions, atmospheric conditions and  during different times of lighting such as dawn or dusk. Fog is common, especially at dawn, here which gives a earie ghost-like appearance to its pines. The only ,somewhat un-reliable water access is off the South Edisto above the Dawhoo "cut".  Mosquito Creek cuts off of the South Edisto as the river tries to straighten out as it heads towards Willtown Bluff..

There is a perimeter causeway enclosing the water impoundment and rice field  trunks on Fenwick Island; they persist here as a means to control water. This painting displays one trunk still in place. There is  a backdrop of palisading pines and trapped water. The causeway is sand surfaced and allows the passage of vehicles around the impoundment. Fluffy clouds adorned the sky this afternoon.

This small  8 X 10 " oil is on stretched canvas and weighs only 4 oz.