Fenwick Island Interior  8 X 10"

Fenwick Island Interior 8 X 10"

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If the reader/ observer of this site persists in the review of this gallery, they should become familiar with the diversity of lowcountry landscape scenes of Fenwick Island.

Although now somewhat separated into 3 segments due to the Edisto- Ashepoo "cut" required by the north-south intracoastal waterway which extends from Maine to Texas, the most landward section that lies out into the marsh where the South Edisto bends towards Jehosse, the Dawhoo "cut" and eventually Raccoon Island that provides the most enchanting landscapes captured by local artists in the last couple of decades. Mickey Williams stands out as an extremely talented artist who brought lowcountry landscape scenes from the ACE Basin to fine art gallery attention in the 1990's. While working in downtown Charleston at various tasks, he was experimenting in a new style of oil painting with a remarkable talent for displaying  design, light, color, and unique approaches to illustrating all we locals knew about our lowcountry . Suddenly galleries all over the region were seeking his work due to his style and his subjects. Fenwick Island was a frequent subject and many of those paintings done by him adorn the interiors of some fine collectors throughout the region.

If one compares these images on this island alone, the most remarkable feature is the apparent palisading of tall pines, the extensive marsh and grassland, and the remains of the old rice cultivation of the 18th and 19th centuries.

This small oil painting is representative of the higher ground portion, displaying areas of open sand and dirt, some of which is clay like as if iron staining elements persist. 

This oil painting on stretched canvas is 8 X 10" and weighs only 4 oz.