Fall Pines and Yellow Marsh at Fenwick   20 X 20"

Fall Pines and Yellow Marsh at Fenwick 20 X 20"

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This painting is about Fenwick Island , Pines, and yellow grass which,  depending on the season, is commonplace on Fenwick Island. The contrasts in color with yellow grass and olive-green pines.  This is about how seasons alter the landscape in the lowcountry.

In the spring, the grasses display bright green colors which turn dark green in the summer months. Autumn brings a change with yellows, pinks, purplish colors, as well as tan and brown. Winter brings mostly orange and brown hues.

The pines change a well. In the spring bright yellow-green needles crown the old branches and turn dark green to olive color with summer.  In the Fall, the old needles turn orange-brown prior to falling to the ground to form a dense carpet of brown.

As visitors to this on-line gallery site are well aware, Fenwick Island  has beautiful opportunities to display nature's beautiful colors and contrasts.