Fall on the Ashepoo  18 X 24"

Fall on the Ashepoo 18 X 24"

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For those who have visited this on-line Gallery site, the Ashepoo river basin is a prime site for wetlands and lowcountry scenes and have been repeatedly painted by this and many other artists locally. This is yet another fall scene where colors contrast so remarkably as the tall skinny pines reach up out of the grass lands. The wetlands are abundant here and various tree species make this area home. Tolerance to frequent flooding is a requirement for survival. Commonly,  Pines are deep in marsh and covered with fresh, brackish and salt water. Without the pines, grasslands might bore the visitor.  However, the grasses display a multitude of colors and hues. The omnipresent water supplies contrast. 

This orange and purple grass with a pine cluster was from the Ashepoo . It is painted with acrylic on stretched canvas. It is 18" X 24" and weighs 1.25 pounds.