East Coast Seafood on Bohicket

East Coast Seafood on Bohicket

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Oil on Canvas

16 X 20"

 East Coast Seafood was a family run seafood business down at Rockville that has recently closed its business after at least two generations of fine service to our lowcountry. All my life I have admired this rough and picturesque wharf and its numerous trawlers. Jimmy Green has recently retired the business after decades of daily arduous laboring to give our lowcountry the best of seafood at reasonable prices. 

Built on King's Grant land sporting a causeway built over an infrastructure of long fallen/ timbered palmetto logs placed a generation ago, it allows clients to drive right on to the road and up to the boathouse to purchase fresh shrimp.

The building is cleverly placed as to catch the summer-long southeastern breezes which come off the North Edisto in the direction of Horse Island and Botany Island further off.

Five acres of land are owned by the family and developers are aggressively lobbying to inundate this area with apartments/ condo/ townhouses perhaps with a MARINA! Locals in the town of Rockville that these rich and aggressive developers with their hordes of lawyers will have their way thus destroying forever this quaint small quiet village. The Bohicket Marina on Seabrook Island has overwhelmed the local waterways there with people unfamiliar with local conservation attempts as well as common courtesy expected here in the lowcountry.

We all pray that East Coast Seafood remains a long lived structure reminding us of our past and the life generations have enjoyed over the years.