Dusk at North Folly at Lighthouse inlet; 24" X 18"; acrylic

Dusk at North Folly at Lighthouse inlet; 24" X 18"; acrylic

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Everybody knows Folly Beach if they've been here for any length of time as a fun spot in the sunshine and surf or as fishing pier destination. Once a beach " with character" and now as an expensive piece of real estate full of new rental mansions for vacationing families.

Few, even "back in the day" actually travelled all the way down East Arctic towards Lighthouse Inlet where the Coast Guard Station used to stand. If visitors take the trouble to go this way, they must park a good distance away and walk the old paved road a bit to reach the inlet that looks towards Morris Island to the north.

The surf can be quite rough here and the wind quite breezy. However, this spot affords beautiful views and some do come here to fish or just sit and enjoy.

Of those who have been here , few come to it by the water as a seaworthy boat and a knowledgeable seaworthy captain . The Inlet is treacherous as the surf and sand bars are unpredictable. Also, sharks of good size enjoy meals here making swimming hazardous.

With all that being said, this is a wonderful scenic adventure by watercraft.

This painting depicts the rough sea island maritime ecosystem as salt spray and aggressive wind gusts constantly annoy the growth here, at times sculpting the foliage to interesting arrangements. This scene is taken at dusk as the sun has faded west causing softening of the colors with pinks and bluish / purple skies . Mist off the ocean is in the air.