Dog Island  30 X 40"

Dog Island 30 X 40"

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Some people call the northernmost end of Kiawah "Dog Island" as it is partially separated from the island proper by a small tidal creek off of the Stono River. In my youth, prior to the Island's purchase in 1972 by Kuwait, this portion was very remote and wild. Other than Captain Sam's inlet at the southern tip of the island, this region is the most beautiful section. Unfortunately , the Kiawah company decided to put their "Club" and "world class Ocean Golf Course " nearby;  nevertheless, this Dog Island remains somewhat separated by marsh and a creek. What is remarkable about this portion of the island is its resemblance to a grassy savannah with islands of wax myrtles about. On king tides, this area is inundated with salt water which replenishes the salt ponds scattered about the island. Depicted is a clump of grass in a small dune-like mound with a sole wax myrtle standing alone surrounded by a sea of grass. It appears lonely sitting by itself, unprotected by any neighbors, especially during strong squalls that abruptly arise off the nearby inlet and ocean. Green grass and yellow/ auburn grass predominate this area and white tailed deer are frequently surprised to see adventurers here.

This painting is done with oil  on stretched canvas and is 30 X 40" weighing about 6 pounds