Dawn on Avery Island Bayou in Late Autumn

Dawn on Avery Island Bayou in Late Autumn

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Leaving he "Lowcountry" of South Carolina here and travelling to the "Lowcountry" of southern Louisiana now. This is a scene from Avery Island several years ago at Thanksgiving.  A "clan gathering" to bring the family all together at one time was the occasion.

One early morning, while the rest slept in, I snuck out and watched the sun rise over the misty bayous about Avery Island and was rewarded enormously. 

For those who are unfamiliar with Avery Island, this is where your Tabasco Sause is made! It is home to tabasco peppers, oil derricks, huge alligators, a famous Audubon bird sanctuary and viewing site for the "Mississippi Flyway" and a Salt Dome which transforms the flat lowlands of south Louisiana into a hilly mound. 

Millenias ago , during a NATURAL "climate change" when the polar ice melted without supervision of the climate change oversight czars, the coastal zone rose hundreds of miles to invade huge chunks of our planet creating new bays, harbors and inland saltwater lakes globally over tens of  thousands of years ago. Once these saline invasions receded as the the earth began to "cool" again, salt was left in massive quantities as evaporation occurred to these isolated reservoirs of salt water. Diatoms, which represent microscopic flora such as plankton, died and eventually become Standard Oil products that created the amazing transformation of industry here in America. 

Salt was trapped and because it was less dense, was "protruded" and advanced upward to create these "Salt Domes" found in the Gulf  Coast Interface with our present continent. Google Earth is a simple means to visualize these "Salt Domes" as they "stick-out" so in the low lying areas of South Louisiana.

The Tabasco story is most interesting, but, not a topic that should be detailed at this site , and readers should pursue other sources to further this most interesting story.

Nevertheless, breathtaking nature abounds here! Lovely water/land interfaces with abundant wildlife exposures are common and a trip to this destination is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

This is a 30 X 40 " acrylic painting on gallery stretched canvas