Dawn at Fenwick Empoundment  18 X 24"

Dawn at Fenwick Empoundment 18 X 24"

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Once again, Fenwick Island is represented, this time over the water impoundment area closest to the marsh bordering the South Edisto, right across from the Dawhoo "Cut". This water impoundment is surrounded by a wide causeway and it is frequently inhabited by Water Moccasins . The scene is looking mostly east as the sun rises over Edisto Island and Raccoon Island. Tall pines grow right up to the waters edge. Many times of the year , this basin is full of bird life and also large alligators. Fenwick was just acquired by the SC taxpayers as a wildlife preserve. Johossee Island Plantation sits nearby across the South Edisto River.

This painting is done with acrylic on wood and is 18 X 24" weighing  3 1/4 pounds .