Colorful Sunset over Stono Marshlands  30 X 40"

Colorful Sunset over Stono Marshlands 30 X 40"

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For those familiar with the now busy boat traffic and busy commuter auto traffic zooming up , down, and over the Stono river, which divides James Island, John's Island and West Ashley, this river for most is just a means to get somewhere else. However, this river has much to offer those willing to take the time. Beautiful creeks and island abound.

Seasonal changes make dramatic impacts on the trees and water as the river winds past John's and James Islands, then passing Sol Legare Island, Kiawah Island, Snake Island, Coles Islands and finally Bird Key where it reaches the ocean. 

This scene, witnessed at dusk, includes Flats, marsh, pines and water as the late afternoon light fades bringing out beautiful hues many do not even take the time to witness.

Prussian blue hues and purples spring up along with Payne's Grey tones with much of the green turning to light blue-green. Mud flats change color to pink sandy colors and reflect the evening light as it fades.

This painting is 30 X 40" and is oil and acrylic over stretched canvas, weighing 3 pounds and 10 0z