Cloud and Sunset over Middle Ground; North Santee River  12 X 16 "

Cloud and Sunset over Middle Ground; North Santee River 12 X 16 "

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This painting is a view upon the Santee River and looks west over the "Middle Ground" between the north and south branches as they pass towards the ocean. Tall grass occasionally interrupted by "hummocks" of higher land and trees as well as by numerous creeks and old rice canals make up  the basic infrastructure of the landscape here. Solitary pines and red cedar can be seen and cypress grows abundantly along the shore.

Sunrise and sunset bring the most remarkable color displays and a multitude of cloud formations commonly alter the beauty.

Here, the scene is looking west from the North Santee towards the sunset and the marsh land that separates the South Santee River from its northern sibling. Each river enters the Atlantic separately and has it's own separate inlet. Cedar Island fronts the ocean and separates the two inlets. These two inlets are quite different in structure and are continuously changing making navigation difficult at times, even for the "veteran" of these inlets. Hurricanes and tropical storms commonly make major changes in the inlet's topography and the sand bars are always moving about.

This painting is of acrylic on canvas and is 12 X 16". It weighs 10 oz.