Unusual Cloud above Penny's Creek  16 X 20"

Unusual Cloud above Penny's Creek 16 X 20"

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Penny's Creek is a serpentine river that branches off of the Stono River just east of the Stono Bridge entering John's Island, a well known Charleston area sea island . It then eventually winds beneath Maybank highway into areas including beautiful untouched islands and John's Island landscapes.

This creek is largely overlooked by those busily traversing the Stono Bridge, racing back and forth between the island and town. Nevertheless, if one takes a minute or two to observe this beautiful creek, especially at certain times of the day, one will see many beautiful scenes of winding creeks, colorful Spartina grass of all colors, and Bull Rush clumps sprouting here and there. Rarely, one may catch a lone boat in the creek, especially as it passes that lonely dock located at the river's turn as the river curves back towards the highway.

This painting is 16" X 20" and painted in acrylic weighing approximately one pound. It was done looking up the river ; looking west as the sun rises in the east allowed  this unusual image of this high reaching cloud at dawn.