Channel Bass on Pine Board  36 X 16"

Channel Bass on Pine Board 36 X 16"

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Known locally as Channel Bass or Spot-Tail bass, people from "off" can easily be identified as they refer to these fish as "Redfish", a name given to this same fish on the Gulf Coast. "School Bass" and "Puppy Drum" are differentiated based on size. Huge Bass, as large as 25-50 pounds some times are given the slang name as "Hogs". Mullet, small crabs, and shrimp are this fish's favorite meals but small Croaker, Spot, and Sailors Choice/ Pinfish are popular in this fish's diet. Small creeks ,shell banks and beach gullies have traditionally been popular fishing sites, but, marsh flats when the water is high in the marsh, provides great sport with spinning gear and also flyrod. Unfortunately, in spite of clear guidelines regarding what must be returned to the water, abuses abound, especially by the "newcomers" to our area.

 This acrylic painting is on a large pine board, is 36 X 16" and weighs 5.6 pounds.