Causeway and Afternoon Pines at Fenwick  16 X 20"

Causeway and Afternoon Pines at Fenwick 16 X 20"

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Should you spend much time on this gallery site, you will see many painting titles with the name of Fenwick Island, a sea island which has an abundance of lowcountry landscape scenes for the rare visitor to enjoy. Many art enthusiasts are familiar with some of these landscapes which have been the subject of many well known local artists, most notably, Mickey Williams. As a matter of fact, Williams' art , scenes, and style of oil painting so enthralled me, that I took to painting myself. I doubt I will ever achieve the quality in style that Mickey Williams has created, but I can always dream!

Most of you will never get a chance to actually see this area of Fenwick, even though you partly OWN it, as the State has acquired it recently (2017) with your hard-earned tax dollars, because of its remote location in the bend of the South Edisto River, just below Willtown Bluff and Bear Island Preserve. It lies just across from the Dawhoo "cut" allowing the intracoastal waterway to continue north and south. Mosquitos, alligators and Water Moccasins are abundant here from April through late November.

The pines and Palmettos are clumped together wherever there is high ground to survive, and tall grass and water is everywhere. Huge bird populations pass through or permanently live here , most of which are shorebirds, ducks, and songbirds of all types.

This painting, with parts of oil and parts of acrylic painting intermeshed, depicts a typical scene in this island, with solitary and clumps of pines and palmettos surrounded by tall grass. The remnants of rice cultivation remain. It is 16 X 20" , weighs 14 oz and is applied to stretched canvas.