Brown Marsh and White Cloud in Clearing 9 X 12 "

Brown Marsh and White Cloud in Clearing 9 X 12 "

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Storms are common where the continent interfaces with the ocean and locals are well aware of the potential for sudden cloud bursts regardless of the weather reports. Mostly, during the hot summer months , large looming cumulus clouds will rapidly approach, but seem to suddenly stall prior to actually reaching the sea islands. As the land heats with the radiant sunshine and at about 11:00 AM, the sea breeze slowly gathers and generally blows inshore as the warmer air over the warmer land rises. But as the clouds gather, they cool and electricity and precipitation result. As the clouds get close to the shore, the sea breeze will hold those clouds off as if in some sort of stalemate. Some storms push right on through to the ocean and terrible wind and "gully washers" result sending all those on the water for cover. The light changes the water and the marsh considerably when these storms arrive, most likely secondary to the way the clouds filter specific components of the optical light. Not only does the objects darken but also change color. 

These storms that rise up so quickly usually move on rapidly as well and bright sunshine returns. Nevertheless, the rain glistens and magnifies the colors making the environs look different from what was seen prior to to storm. Many time the clouds break and blue sky and brilliant clouds peek out as in this scene. Frequently the mud and grass look so much different with these two different light sources filtering in simultaneously.

This scene above may remind one of a specific site along our coast but there is much redundancy ; this site can be reproduced many places up and down from St Helena's to Winyah Bay. 

 This 9 X 12 acrylic is painted on stretched canvas. Weighs only 7 oz.