Brown Marsh and Purple Clouds 9 X 12 "

Brown Marsh and Purple Clouds 9 X 12 "

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Charleston's lowcountry is most notable for the interface of water, marsh, and mainland and the numerous beaches, oyster banks, creeks, rivers and estuaries make a fine ever changing contrast in color and light. Although the marsh consists mainly of "Spartina Grass", the colors of this "ocean of grass" is rarely uniform and is continuously changing with the sunlight and the seasons. This painting reveals the continuous relation between sun, clouds, sky, marsh and water. Since our coast faces southeast, the sunsets are mostly over the marshes and mainland and the beautiful colors of the sunsets are frequently magnified by the marsh grass.

Here, an afternoon cloud appears blue and purple against the bright orange and yellow sunset, and the marsh grass in Fall radiates the light as does the water reflect the clouds. One feels the expanse of "Natures Nursery" as the extensive marsh provides home to thousands of small creatures of hundreds of different species of shore life. 

This is a small acrylic painting on stretched canvas and weighs only 7 oz.