Boats on the Rio Frio Costa Rica 30 X 40"

Boats on the Rio Frio Costa Rica 30 X 40"

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Years ago , my son was attending prep school in Virginia, and his first spring break did not coincide with any of his friend's holiday schedule. I did not want him sitting around at home, so We planned a fly fishing trip for Tarpon in Costa Rica. Our fishing success was poor, however; luckily, we flew to San Jose' and drove north to to area just beneath the Nicaraguan border and fished the Rio Frio. This river, which begins in Costa Rica, meanders north into Nicaragua, feeding Lake Nicaragua then flows southeast, emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. Costa Rica has an amazing diversity of climates and ecosystems that are totally different based on the region, latitude, mountain chain and adjacent ocean or gulf. 

This northern sector, named Cano Negro area reminds one of the savannahs of Africa with large stands of tall grass, clumps of African Oil Palms and meandering rivers and streams. Their "dry " period is in our winter period and is the only season to travel safely. The "wet" season is inundated with rainfall making local roads impassable Four wheel vehicles and accurate GPS guidance is required.

The flora and fauna of this country is amazing. Many scenes , however, remind me of the Carolina Lowcountry, and when photographs were revealed to friends here upon return, many were mistakenly confused by locals as scenes from John's and Wadmalaw Islands with abundant growth, beautiful river scenes, accompanied by small wooden shacks/ houses resembling those found on our sea islands.

This large oil painting was done viewing small boats tied to the shore on the Rio Frio. It is 30 X 40" ,weighs about 6 pounds and is an oil on stretched canvas.