Boatmen at the Shore  9 X 12 " on wood

Boatmen at the Shore 9 X 12 " on wood

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This small painting is an acrylic painting done on a board; Since the earliest days, boatmen have piloted their craft throughout the lowcountry estuaries in search of crab, shrimp, fish and various shellfish such as oyster and clams. Hard work and , at times, dangerous, especially for those who could not swim. Once fish and shellfish were caught, cleaned, and delivered to the town, salesmen and saleswomen would sell the "catch" fresh by pushing their carts down the streets of Charleston usually announcing their presence with a characteristic and well known call or song such that each residence along the way would be alerted and therefore have any opportunity to purchase. This marketing method was not limited to fish and shellfish, of course, as any kind of local fresh produce was rolled down these narrow streets including fruit, vegetables and flowers. The city after reconstruction was very poor, even before the great depression and all our local residents did what they could to "make ends meet".

This painting is of a modern couple of "Boatmen" as the previous decades were powered by oar and/or sail and dealing with local storms and the regular tidal changes were added to the heavy work schedule at least 6 days a week.