Bear Island Wildlife Management Preserve  16 X 20"

Bear Island Wildlife Management Preserve 16 X 20"

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Bear Island Wildlife Management Area is an undeveloped 12,000 acre sea island in Colleton County SC which is managed by the SC DNR as a wildlife preserve.The area can be reached off of SC highway 17 south from Charleston by turning left on to Bennet's Point Road. Although there is a remarkable display of wildlife diversity and is a notable spot for birdwatching/ spotting, it also allows a remarkable opportunity to visit typical lowcounty landscapes as part of the ACE basin ( Ashepoo, Combahee, Edisto) estuarine reserve area which forms the headwaters of St Helena Sound near Beaufort SC. Many find this area difficult to reach by land and water and those that do make the effort are generally the most careful sort, such as bird watchers and not aggressively intrusive explorers. The Wildlife Management Area (WMA) preserve is open from February through October

This acrylic painting is 16" X 20" and weighs about one pound. Most of the roads in the WMA are composed of unpaved sand roads which naturally traverse the beautiful lowcountry landscape and wetlands area such as depicted in the above painting done in the late summer as the sun begins to set in the west , leaving long bluish shadows and beautiful colors as the sunlight pierces the green leaves and abundant colorful wildflowers.