Near Bass Creek at Kiawah  16 X 20"

Near Bass Creek at Kiawah 16 X 20"

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For those familiar with the environs of the Folly River and the Stono, may have ventured up Bass Creek. A smaller sandy creek cuts into a sandy inlet closer to the ocean and winds up into the marsh that approaches the famous "Ocean Course". When this creek is navigable, between silting in periods, this creek separates Dog Island from Kiawah proper .. I personally love this area of Kiawah and have know its variations over the last 50 or so years.

Back in the years prior to Kuwait's purchase of the island in 1972, this remote area was home to wild boar, alligators, racoons and panthers. What is unusual about this unspoiled area is it's likeness to the savannahs of Africa. This small tidal creek winds it's way though the Spartina Grass well up into the areas of the hugely expensive "Ocean Course". One wonders if these rich golfers acknowledge the beauty that surrounds them as they tap the little white golfballs around the manicured lawns of the course itself.

The "Ocean Course" has been described as "An American Icon"!

This painting, done primarily in oil, with touches of acrylic, is painted on a 16 X 20" stretched canvas weighing 15 oz