Baldwin Road off of Bennet's Point Road  12 X 16"

Baldwin Road off of Bennet's Point Road 12 X 16"

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This 12 X 16" oil painting weighs only 10 oz and is a late afternoon painting where Baldwin Road winds off of Bennet's Point, leading onto the fixed bridge that crosses in Baldwin Farm acreage on the middle portion of the three portioned Fenwick Island.

Fenwick Island is actually one large sea island cut into three parts.

The most seaward portion was severed from the rest of the island when the intracoastal waterway was built beginning in the 1920's. This "cut" allowed the South Edisto to link up with the Ashepoo river and eventually with St Helenas Sound. 

The middle portion is maintained by the Baldwin Family and is an agricultural island mostly lining the Ashepoo River from the "cut" to Bennet's Point. A sandy road connects this portion of Fenwick with Bennet's Point and is depicted here in a late afternoon scene shown in this medium sized painting.

The third portion lies in the "bend of the river" of the South Santee  where the Dawhoo "cut" enters. This third portion is now owned by the SC taxpayers as it has been recently purchased (2017) by the DNR as a 400 acre wildlife preserve. It is reached by water from the South Edisto and up Mosquito Creek.