Autumn at Deveaux Bank   36" X 24"

Autumn at Deveaux Bank 36" X 24"

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Well, those of you who have been to Deveaux Bank, just south of Seabrook Island in the past, know that there is a unusual clump of green vegetation spotting the sandy terrain during the summer; in the fall this very same clump of vegetation turns pink/orange. The reason for this clump of green turning to  pink and orange, is because there has been an  invasion of a non-indigenous plant that is called the "Russian thistle" that changes color in the fall. It is pretty salt tolerant and drought tolerant   so it tends to do well in places like sandy  Deveaux. I happened to be on Deveaux that Autumn and enjoyed the contrast between the sky, the water, sand,   and the clouds and felt that this  warranted documentation. This "Russian thistle" is rather nondescript during the growing months of the year. However, in the fall, things change for this non-indigenous plant which becomes rather glorious in the fall and may have a color that resembles pink, orange, and something in between.

Many of you who are involved with this island have noticed that it changes considerably throughout the seasons. This scene reveals that the non-seaward side of the island is filled with a large flats area of sand and mud. The sand  generally  is bright white and pink with darker areas near the salt water borders..

The bank is home to many different shorebirds and is off limits for interested visitors from the months of April through October because of the rookery for the shorebirds which include Terns, Pelicans, Oyster Catchers, and most importantly Skimmers. Skimmers  lay their eggs just above the high tide line, basically on the beachhead, and are very vulnerable to any intruder. I , personally, have witnessed boat parties who bring their pet dogs to Deveaux in the height of the Rookery season and violate all of the DNR's restrictions! They read the DNR signs that limit the protected area, then just walk right through to violate the area.

Nevertheless, this painting has combined the qualities of oil paint with "touches" of acrylic to create a  36 X 24"  piece weighing 2 3/4 pounds on stretched canvas