Ashley and Wappoo; The Island at the James Island Connector  9 X 12"

Ashley and Wappoo; The Island at the James Island Connector 9 X 12"

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This small painting is about the James Island connector which touches down on a well established Island that borders the Ashley. This "island" was well known to those living on Albemarle Point, just down from Porter-Gaud School. This Island was an exciting destination in the 1960's and 70's as a distant unknown to the boys of Albemarle Point. Reached safely by walking the banks of the Wappoo Creek, the Wappoo joins the Ashley River around the curve of the river. This island comes right down to the water, allowing one to walk right up and into the island from the shell bank. Remote and mysterious to young boys, this was an exciting place to visit. Little did we know that this major bridge and thorough fare, the James Island Connector, would alter the view of the city, Fort Sumter, and the harbor from our vistas on Albemarle Point. Now this island is the foundation for supports to the busy connector. Coming from James Island, the road curves right , allowing this vista of the island and the merging of these two bodies of water.  Looking beyond, One can see James Island in the background. Salt marshes separate the island as the Ashley River continues into West Ashley.

 This is a small acrylic painting, 9 X 12" and weighs 7 oz