Ashepoo/ Combahee Islands  15 X 30''

Ashepoo/ Combahee Islands 15 X 30''

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For those who have frequented this on-line gallery and viewed the many descriptions of these lowcountry landscapes, these beautiful densely forested islands which dot the grassy and watery Ashepoo and Combahee Estuarine Ecosystem are remarkably untouched by human influences. Many have impoundment areas in their interiors with occasional drainage pipe fixtures to control the overflow from interior water basins. Some islands are naturally created .Some islands that line the intracoastal waterway, built as the waterway from New England to Texas were created as mud and marsh areas were cleared and piled nearby.  Some occupy the exit of the Ashepoo and others line the Cheehaw as they approach St Helena"s Sound.

This painting is of oil and accrylic, on stretched canvas and weighs 2 pounds 4 oz .   It is 15 X 30"