Afternoon Squall Ocella Creek Islands  8 X 10"

Afternoon Squall Ocella Creek Islands 8 X 10"

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Unfortunately, for many unlucky boaters and adventurers who plan their sea island trips so well throughout the summer months, the weather can be very unpredictable and rapidly dangerous as summer squalls may show up "out of nowhere"  with tremendous wind , blue-black clouds and rain as well as hail. Many beachgoers may find that they may need to run for safety and boaters may need to race their engines to seek some sanctuary to avoid the gusty winds and torrential downpours that these rapidly moving storms may bring. To some of us, the remarkable colors and hues combined with the enormous energy unleashed make these squalls exciting.

This scene , depicted as a storm, surging into the islands off Ocella Creek , just below Botany Island and Botany Bay Preserve on Edisto Island. It was captured on this 8 X 10" acrylic on stretched canvas and weighs 5 oz