ACE Basin low tide 16X 20"

ACE Basin low tide 16X 20"

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ACE basin is a conserved geographical area of the South Carolina Lowcoutry which has been defined by it's rivers(Ashepoo=A, Combahee(pronounced "Cumbee")=C, and Edisto=E). Because of its rich, raw and relatively untouched natural resources, this area is a destination for nature lovers of all types including zoological, botanical, geological and historical components. Photographers, painters, hunters, fishermen, ornithologists and the like find interest in this area's many unaffected contexts and relationships that embody this general wetlands ecosystem ; many have worked hard unselfishly to preserve this huge preserve to allow generations to come the ability to witness the landscapes in which our forefathers were accustomed and  comfortable .

This painting represents a scene that is omnipresent in the lowcountry, blending salt, brackish, and freshwater rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes and manmade empoundments with saltmarsh, pines, cypress, live oaks, magnolias and Sabal palmettos together into a complex, ever changing ecosystem named our wetlands area. Poorly developed over the last 350 years, since the introduction of european immigrants, and prior to that, asian immigrants via the Bering Straits land bridge during the last great glaciation period, 20-50 thousand years ago; because of the difficulty of access and transportation, and problems with cultivation of agricultural products, this area reveals maritime systems that have been destroyed elsewhere.

This scene was taken from an area along the lower Ashepoo River in the summer when all nature is in full explosive display to all those above interested adventurers.

This is a 16X20" acrylic on stretched canvas and weighs 7-8 oz